Why I Want to Be Your Mayor

I wish to reclaim a sense of pride in this community through a spirit of teamwork with consideration to the individual opinions and personal rights of the citizens. Having grown up and enjoyed the positives of Long Creek, I want to give back to the community.

Issues I Would Address

A. Population Decrease: resulting in social and economic decline. a. Focus on what we have to offer as opposed to what used to be. Seek individuals and agencies within the county and state that are in a position to assist with building a desirable community.

B. Inequality of Voting Privileges: resulting in individuals with economic investment in city having no representation. b. Review charter and ordinance with view to amend voter limitations.

C. Limited Communication between City Government and Individual Citizens: resulting in non-inclusive, non-productive and sometimes adversarial outlooks. c. Initiate more town hall type gatherings. Outreach by all city officials to citizenry on individual one on one basis. Provide clear and available charter/ordinance information utilizing internet/social media. Increase participation in city meetings. Establish an arbitration council to address potential issues.

D. City government operating on Reactive as opposed to Proactive basis: resulting in ‘putting fires out, instead of preventing them’. d. Pursue education program for all elected/appointed officials. Encourage individual council members to exercise their duties/responsibilities as leaders. Provide opportunities for each councilman to be fully informed of any issues via pre-meeting agenda and information packet, and encourage individual council member expression.

Background, qualifications and experience to bring to mayor position

I have a lifetime awareness of life in Grant County. Stories of my great grandfather running a freight train into Canyon City and livelihood challenges were observed first hand as I grew up in Long Creek,  graduating high school in 1963.    Four years of military service, becoming a Vietnam Veteran, marriage and raising four children required relocation. During these years, I coached Little League and Babe Ruth teams, and had employment that involved oversite of fifty employees. Family responsibilities, employment and a metropolitan lifestyle; while providing an education in dealing with a diverse population, exemplified the desire to return to the rural Long Creek Community. Upon retirement in 2002my wife, Dianna, and I returned to Long Creek and built our home that we are able to share with our nine grandchildren, friends and neighbors. I have been an active participant in City Government, Long Creek Historical Society, and Allovars Community House.

Dan Morrow Long Creek's Mayor For A Bright Future and Community Service

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